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Enter your pick-up and drop-off location and let our Uber estimator show you the current Uber fare prices and surge prices alerts.

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Uber Fare Estimator

This Uber fare estimator gives you the most accurate fare estimates directly from Uber, so research the area first before going on your next Uber ride. Confused about Uber surge pricing? Get updated here and see all the Uber vs Lyft differences on our complete list. To get the latest Uber gossip, see the daily updated Uber news page.

New Uber rider? Get your first ride free up to $20 depending on your city. Use the Uber promo code in "Payment" after Uber login. Uber is a private on-demand car service which currently operates in over 750 cities worldwide. Use the Uber fare calculator.


Cheapest Uber Cities

If you want to save big bucks, then check the cheapest Uber cities list for a great overview over where to get the cheap fare prices around the globe. If you care about your reputation and want to see your Uber passenger rating, you can now see it within the app.

Uber City Rates

Want to check all the available Uber prices in your city? You can now find all the Uber fare prices in each city by the city link in each fare estimate. In U.S., you will find an extra service charge on your receipt called Uber booking fee also known as "Safe Ride Fee".

Expensive Uber Cities

Millions of people have already used the Uber calculator and many of them were searching for a glamorous ride to the shopping center. If you're up for a classy ride, then I'm sure the most expensive Uber cities list here can help you spending a bit extra bucks for a better car. You can also buy Uber gift cards for you friends & family.

Schedule an Uber trip

Officially you can't book Uber in advance, even if it would be fantastic. Uber is working 100% on-demand by showing real-time cars around you. Uber's support also advice to book your car ride in good time to avoid getting delayed for any meetings. If you're in doubt about the traffic it's better to be in good time to avoid stress.

Tip my Uber driver?

No, Uber is a cashless experience and you don't need cash when you ride with Uber, your credit card will automatically be charged once you arrive at your destination. But in the end, it's for sure up to you if you want to tip an Uber driver for a superior taxi service.

Uber Pro Tips

Try to describe exactly where the Uber Black driver should pick you up and your final destination to avoid any misunderstandings. Especially when your GPS can be wrong because of bad phone signal. What is UberX? Make sure to read about the Uber cars.

Lyft vs. Uber

Lyft is a U.S. based ridesharing competitor to Uber and has growing User base in more than 62 cities in the U.S. This Lyft estimate calculator can give you accurate fare estimates directly from Lyft without any app login. Compare Lyft vs Uber fare prices now.

Uber Phone Number

A lot of people are asking us how to contact Uber since everyone is looking for the magic Uber phone number. The fastest and best way to reach out to Uber is through the Uber app. If you prefer support by e-mail instead, then contact Uber customer service online now.

New cities added

Uber is constantly adding new cities, and we keep you updated. See here a list of the most popular new Uber cities and get around easy.

Prepaid Travel Cards

Since Uber will charge you in the local currency, it can benefit you to use a multi-currency travel card instead. Global money app helps you to find a new way of doing banking. Most traditional banks adds a hefty percentage to the market exchange rates to earn more.

Banks and travel cards like N26 review, Revolut and Chime wants to make your mobile banking easy. No bad exchange rates anymore!