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Uber in Bowling Green, KY



Base fare: $2
Cost per minute: $0.2
Cost per mile: $1.56
Service fee: $2.15
Cancellation fee: $5
Minimum fee: $5



Base fare: $3.5
Cost per minute: $0.35
Cost per mile: $2.69
Service fee: $2.25
Cancellation fee: $5
Minimum fee: $5

Bowling Green, KY Uber Rates

Uber in Bowling Green, KY, United States has 2 Uber car services ready to pick you up. Our Uber Bowling Green, KY fares are updated daily.

Use this Uber estimate Bowling Green, KY calculator to estimate your Uber trip with real-time fare rates for Bowling Green, KY.

Uber Bowling Green, KY

Uber Bowling Green, KY Estimate

* Get the real-time price estimate for your Uber trip in Bowling Green, KY. These rates are the same as you would see via the Uber app.

Bowling Green, KY Weather

The temperature today in Bowling Green, KY will range from 68℉ (20℃) to 91℉ (33℃) and the humidity level will be at 63%. With a possibility of 8% rain, it's likely going to be Uber surge prices in Bowling Green, KY.This heat seems like a good reason to take a nice air-conditioned taxi.

Contact Uber in Bowling Green, KY

Do you need any help with the Uber service in Bowling Green, KY, please contact Uber customer care. In case of emergency you can use the Uber phone to speak with a representative from Uber. The Uber customer care Bowling Green, KY is ready to provide you the best service. Please use Uber help for any specific trip inquiries.

Uber Offers in Bowling Green, KY

Uber is often having special promotions and offers in Bowling Green, KY. See the full Uber promo 2018 list here:

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