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Uber FAQ

We are receiving a lot of questions to our Uber services. Instead of replying you by e-mail, then we have created this page with the most frequent asked questions. In case, you have questions please contact Uber customer service by phone or online help desk.


Uber Driver Safety

Uber has build their ride-sharing system to be protect you and their drivers. Are Uber drivers safe then you as rider safe as well.

Uber Driver Contracts

Are Uber drivers employees or contractors? If you ask Uber Inc., then they prefer their drivers as individual contractors.

Uber Driver Insurance

Who is to pay the damages when an Uber driver is involved in an accident? Are Uber drivers insured enough to cover it all.

How Uber Makes Money

Uber is taking a small cut from each ride transaction. Exactly how Uber makes money is when a ride is at the destination and the client are automatically paying by their credit card. You can check all the Uber prices, fare rates and car types from our list of cities where Uber is available.

Uber FAQ

Uber Taxi Number

You might not need to call Uber because they have a fantastic online customer care. But online support doesn't replace the human contact by phone. Call the Uber taxi number if you absolutely want to have first line customer care, even though it can be very difficult to get through their hotline.


Uber Driver Payment

Uber is a great way for you to earn some extra money after work. When Uber pays drivers depends on their Uber profile.

What is UberPOOL

When you ride more people together you can split the cost and save money. Read about how uberpool works to get started.

Uber and Lyft

Both companies are working nationwide US, but are Uber and Lyft the same company? They are not, read here why.

Uber Driver Happiness

You might wonder if it's the best job in the world to be a driver, but are Uber drivers happy? It's cool, but it's not for everyone.

Uber Car Classes

Is UberBlack a Toyota or Mazda? I'm not sure what Uber class is my car. Find out which Uber car class your car is.

Is Uber banned?

Uber is fighting with all governments around the world to keep running. Cities where Uber is banned is always growing.