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Are Uber and Lyft the Same Company?


Uber and Lyft are different individual ride-sharing companies. The two companies have their roots in San Fransisco. Uber was founded in 2009 while Lyft was founded in 2012. The two transportation firms are the leading service providers in their respective industry however Uber is larger. Although Lyft is the latter in the market, it is one of the biggest competitors Uber has ever met.

Uber has strong investors like Google Ventures and Baidu who make the firm first choice search in ride sharing results. While Lyft has investors like Carl Icahn and Alibaba, Rakuten, k9 ventures and Mayfield fund.


In terms of raw resources and geographical coverage Uber has the upper hand. Uber also has more pricing options available including the low price UberX and the high-end UberLUX. They also have vehicles ranging from regular taxis, classy sedans and spacious SUV’s. This is what makes Uber the first choice of people because it is the cheaper option.

Uber is found in more than five hundred cities worldwide while Lyft has its services in sixty or more cities. Interestingly enough both companies give sign-up incentives competitively for drivers who switch over from each other.