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Are Uber Drivers Employees?


This question has been revolving now from many decades that when a person extending its services for a company can be considered as its employee? The answer is still unsolved, as many people have different views regarding this topic.

The law for employees differs from country-to-country or rather state-to-state. For the same services, you could be considered as an employee in a state and could be considered just as a contractor in the other. Because giving you a title of an employee not only provides you with better wages but also adds on the special benefits that the company is extending to all of its employees such as, social security, paid sick days, gas, car, maintenance and much more. Providing these facilities is surely going to alter the budget of the company. This is the reason for companies to be comfortable with the work done on the contract basis rather than hiring employees for the same.


The story of the Uber drivers is also no different. They were hired as contractors rather than an employee from the starting of this service. In October 2016 a court in London awarded them with the label of an employee. This is a historic decision and a lesson for many countries, searching the answer for the same question. The Uber drivers in London and U.S. are considered as employees now and all benefits of an employee are provided to them. But still, in many countries the title for them is different according to their respective laws.