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Are Uber Drivers Insured?


Uber as a technology company facilitates the relationship between a taxi driver and a client user. And if this is the only thing that they do, then they should not incur much liability. Therefore, much of the liability is upon the drivers who are driving their own cars and use their own car insurance. However, personal car insurance does not cover drivers if they are driving for Uber or any other ride sharing app. This is because personal insurance does not cover a personal vehicle during commercial activities.


Uber insurance will cover a driver when he is involved in an accident when their Uber app is on and they have a passenger. But this insurance does not apply to when a driver has Uber app on and no passenger. Even when as a driver, you hit a car as you check the app for directions to meeting a client, Uber insurance won’t cover you. For now, to protect yourself as a driver, you can buy commercial auto insurance or reach your insurance provider to find out how they deal with TNC drivers claims.