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Are Uber Drivers Safe?


Uber has a policy of keeping everyone who is part of a trip, including the driver, safe. The measures that are kept in place have been divided into three; before, during, and after the trip.

Before the Trip

Uber requires its drivers to ensure that they do not pick up anonymous riders. To avoid this, they should only pick riders who have an account with Uber. This way, the company has all the necessary information relating to the rider. Secondly, Uber keeps the information of both the rider and the driver anonymous.


During the Trip

The Uber app has inbuilt navigation capabilities that offer directions to help the driver arrive safely. Secondly, the app ensures that the driver is logged into the GPS at all times. This ensures that Uber can track him or her at all times.

After the Trip

The first provision here is that the app helps charge or issue credit to the rider after the trip. This way, there are no delays involved while looking for change. Secondly, each driver is required to rate the rider after each trip. This helps keep tabs on either good or bad riders. Lastly, Uber drivers have access to support from the company 24/7.