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How uberPOOL Works?


UberPOOL is the latest and cheapest way of car riding with Uber company. It offers a ride-sharing option that matches you with other riders coming from the same area, heading to the same direction, at the same time. With uberPOOL, a rider will be able to share a ride and save up to 40% of the initial cost. It’s quite a simple step by step process for both riders and drivers.


For Riders

It’s quite an easy process. They begin by requesting an uberPOOL, set up a pick up location and destination. Then confirm the quoted fare prices. After accepting the charges the app matches other riders heading to the same location hence should not be shocked when a rider they don’t know is been picked up. Once the riders have arrived to their respective destinations they hop out of the car and pay the guaranteed fare which saves up to 40% of the initial fare cost. At the end of trip Uber riders have the option of rating the Uber driver depending on the way they felt the trip.

For Drivers

It’s quite a complex but an understandable process. It begins by accepting an uberPOOL request and driving to the first pick up location. Once the first rider has been picked up the driver can begin the trip. During the trip another uberPOOL request can be alerted and Uber drivers have the option of accepting it depending on the destination. In the case they do, they head to the second pick up location and pick up another client. After picking up the second rider they can begin another trip and start driving both clients to their respective locations. During drop offs, a rider is dropped off depending on which destination is closer. Payments are collected at the end of both trips. Finally, the uber driver can rate the riders.