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Where Uber is Banned?


The countries where Uber is banned? Despite its success and fast rise, it has faced many challenges by governments and even companies that own taxi. In some parts of the world some countries have banned it. Below are some countries where Uber has been banned.


Thailand, due to concerns that were brought up by taxi drivers, the head of the country's Department of Land Transport declared Uber illegal. He stated that the methods used by Uber drivers to charge was invalid and added that Thai Uber drivers were improperly licensed.

Taiwan, major fines were faced by Uber Taiwan for operating illegally. Other issues included failure to insure vehicles and operating the business without license. However, plans are underway to revive it again.

South Korea, it was banned in 2014 because of a law in South Korea which outlaws paying transport services which use private vehicles that are not registered.

Romania, its parliament passed a law that prohibited transport services by unauthorized drivers, this ultimately made Uber illegal.

Portugal, after a massive protest by taxi drivers and associations in major cities, the government banned the operations of Uber in the country.

Poland, Uber drivers in this country work illegally and any driver caught is fined about 5000 PLN.

Other places where Uber operations have been banned include Frankfurt in Germany, Philadelphia and Texas in the United States.