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Uber Customer Service

Stop searching, here is the Ultimate Guide for the best ways to contact Uber customer service โœ…. Ride-sharing services like Uber used to be criticized in the past for poor customer support, but Uber customer care is doing great job to help you fast.


Uber Support Online

  1. Having issues with a trip, use the Uber app or visit help.uber.com. Log-in and get all details of your Uber trips.
  2. Use the Uber contact number for emergency calls only. Other general questions can be found on help.uber.com, by using the search bar.
Uber Customer Service

Uber Customer Care

Uber customer service is regarded as one of the most dedicated to the work of all ride sharing companies. You can contact Uber in a few ways. Use the help desk or Uber app for faster replies. You can expect reply after a few hours, which is faster than most taxi services.


Uber Email Responses

Most questions for Uber can be found on their help site, but if needed you can be contacted by the Uber support team. When getting reply to your inquiry, make sure to reply fast and straight forward so Uber can handle your request accurate. Find more Uber questions through the FAQ.

How NOT to reach Uber

  1. Do not use Uber support email (support@uber.com), it doesn't work.
  2. Don't call the driver, unless it's very important or you lost something.
  3. Do not use the critical safety response hotline, if it's not an emergency.

How to Contact Uber

If you have an Uber account at their website, the simplest way is to send them the question by filling out the form at help.uber.com. If you are not a user, there is another way. Uber's support email (support@uber.com) has been replaced by app and help desk since December 2016.

Uber on Facebook

Alternatively, you can contact Uber taxi via Facebook or Twitter. Uber is partners with Facebook, so the users can book a ride using the Messenger app. If you have a question for Uber, you can send them a private message. Still, the fastest way to get in touch with them is by phone.

Uber Contact Number

Furthermore, for emergency calls to Uber taxi, there is an Uber contact number, which is available in 22 cities in the USA, at the moment (April 2016). By dialing 800-353-UBER (thatโ€™s 800-353-8237), you can get in touch with the emergency service for reporting serious issues about rides.

Uber Panic Button

Only call Uber on this phone number in case of emergency while using it's services.

In other countries, like India, for example, Uber has a panic button as a part of their software to make you feel safe.

Uber Contact Address

Uber prefer to be contacted online only, but they have a Corporate office address. It's 182 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94105. However, it's always best to use the app help desk for any support. Plus it's much faster than sending post.

Uber Questions

We have created an Uber FAQ page with all the frequent asked questions. We receive a lot of questions about Uber services every day. Please check if your question is in our FAQ page first. Use our email for any other Uber related questions.

Uber Contact Form

Over the last years Uber's own help portal become an impressive resource. But their search isn't Google yet, so make sure to keep your search simple. Under specific help articles you will find an Uber contact form to get direct customer support.