How to login to Uber

Use your Uber login to check your profile, payment options and settings for your Uber account. You can both as a rider and Uber driver login to for more information about your account and trip history. We highly recommend to keep your Uber account updated avoid issues.


Uber Rider Login

See your trip history, update payment and update your profile with this Uber login.

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with Facebook or your e-mail
  3. Click on the green "SIGN IN" button
Uber Login

Uber Driver Login

As Uber driver, you can use the partner Uber login to setup your driver profile.

  1. Go to
  2. Login with your mail or phone number
  3. Press on the green "SIGN IN" button

Uber login via app

You can also log in via the Uber app instead of your browser. Search and install the "Uber" app from your App Store and use the Uber app login to enter your details.

Uber ratings

Interested to know your Uber rating? You can find your Uber rating via Remember to see your Uber score you will have to use your Uber login on the website.

Uber partner login

If you're Uber driver in any of the many Uber cities you can use the Uber driver login to get all the details about your performance, payment, and history.